House System

EVIS Bhind School divides the students from Class I onwards into Four houses as shown Every student on admission is placed in one of these houses. Each house is headed by a House Captain and Vice-Captain. Each house has a House Incharge and several House-Teachers. Points are awarded to the students throughout the year for participation in extra-curricular activities and sports. At the end of the year the House gaining the highest number of points wins The Best House Trophy.

The installation of Prefects is another feather in the cap. The House Captain, Vice-Captain along with a team of Prefects spear head all the activities of the House, viz Sports, Cultural and Art. Our young leaders also help in maintaining school discipline.

The names of the Houses represent the Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam Missile man of India. These Houses represent the lively spirit of camaraderie and healthy competition in the School. A Teacher, who is also the House Incharge, heads the House. The Captain and Vice-Captain lead their House by example with the help of Projects.

House Name Color Color
Agni Red
Prithvi Green
Trishul Yellow
Akash Grey

The students representing their Houses also score points for their creativity, teamwork, theme presentation, narration and expressions. Students are awarded points throughout the year for extra-curricular activities, games, sports and inter – house competitions. At the end of the year, the House gaining the highest number of points wins the Best House Trophy.